Wood Trick - 3D Mechanical Models

‘The Wood Trick’ is a company founded by a group of highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineers from th Ukraine, with the intention of creating unique wooden mechanical 3D puzzle-constructors.

The whole family will be delighted while learning about structural engineering, from building replicas of some of the oldest structures in human history, to building modern trucks and racecars.

The unique ‘Wood Trick 3D Constructor’ can draw people’s attention of different ages, and can promote greater interest in the field of engineering. Our intention is that people, both young and old, will have an unforgettable time building a beautiful mechanical Wood Trick set.The sets are accessible to the average person (children under parental supervision), and the satisfaction of completing a full set cannot be matched! Imagine the feeling of building your own toy car from scratch!

Detailed designs, stylish, high-quality craftsmanship, and the ability to construct without any dangerous or toxic glues, make each model a special one. Promote your children’s developing minds by building a set together, or a build a stylish set to brag about to your friends in your new college dorm.

The Wood Trick’ is a challenge for all ages, and can open a new world of creativity, knowledge, and pleasure for the whole family!

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